Our Locations


The original Pearl Street Bagels’ shop is located at 145 W.This location offers seating in our dining room as well as a parklet out front during the busy Summer months. For your convenience, we also have a designated seasonal bike corral and offer free WiFi year-round.



Our Wilson shop, a fixture on the Westbank since 1997, is located in Fish Creek Center in downtown Wilson, WY. The convenient location next to Wilson Backcountry Sports and inviting log cabin feel make this shop a favorite spot for backcountry skiers and bikers alike. It offers cozy indoor seating, and during the summer months, there is outdoor picnic table seating on the lawn behind the building. This area is directly adjacent to beautiful, peaceful Fish Creek and is a great spot for those dining with dogs and kids. Free Wi-Fi is available year-round.



In the Beginning… Pearl Street Bagels was founded in 1990 by Maggie and Les Gibson. Maggie attended university in Burlington, VT, and it was there that she first learned the art and science of bagel making. After living in Jackson for few years, Maggie realized how much she missed being able to get a good bagel here in Wyoming and saw an opportunity to bring a primarily East Coast institution to the West. Remembering the inviting atmosphere of the bagel shop in Vermont, Maggie opened Pearl Street Bagels with the hope that it would be a welcoming, affordable, friendly place where all the diverse members of the community would feel comfortable. Pearl Street Bagels quickly became an integral part of the Jackson Hole community and a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Since those early days, we have added excellent coffee to our menu and are passionate about continuing to serve some of the best coffee and espresso available in Jackson Hole.


A word about our logo…    Pearl Street Bagels Logo

The Pearl Street Bagels’ logo is a Pteranodon. Pteranodon was a type of pterosaur (flying reptile), the kind without teeth, that lived between 65 million and 100 million years ago in what is present-day Wyoming. Please ask at the counter for a free Pteranadon sticker to take home with you!




On toasting… 

Our bagel dough is made onsite in the Jackson location and boiled and baked in the East Coast tradition. Pearl Street Bagels operates on the purist philosophy that bagels should be fresh and just the right size for a single serving. Toasting originated as a means of making stale baked goods palatable. While we are certainly not offended if you wish to take our bagels home and toast them, we do not offer toasting in either of our shop locations. If you time it just right to get a bagel hot out of the oven and add your favorite topping, we think you might just agree that fresh is a better way to go!